Project You Be Well


Project You Be Well


Join me in my quest for true health and longevity

Project You is not another book about the latest fad diet or juice “cleanse”. It is about living a clean and healthy life that will set you on the path to longevity. I am here to help you every step of the way through my amazing superfood recipes, exercise tips, and spiritual and mental wellness guidance. The fundamental purpose of this book is to show you how these pieces need to be connected in order for you to be 100 percent nourished inside and out. Come explore and live this intricate web of wellness in my book, Project You.

The four principles this book will teach you

ONE: The importance of superfoods & how to use them

I will teach you how to make over 100 delicious, nutritionally dense superfood smoothies and soups right in your own kitchen. Learn what a superfood is and how to use it wisely for your body. I will list the nutritional value of over 25 super greens, 50 super fruits and 25 of the most powerful raw superfoods, nuts and seeds needed for a long healthy life – all of which I use in my smoothies and soups.

TWO: The secrets to glowing skin & hair

I share the key secrets and science to obtaining glowing skin and hair by combining nutritionally dense food with clean skin care products. I explain the importance of pure alkaline water and the amount of minerals needed each day for your body, and the connection water has to your health, gut, skin and hair. I also cover the importance of omega-3s, plant protein and how much you need for a mostly vegetarian diet.

THREE: Exercise tips & simple workout routines

I recommend a few weekly workout schedules and the necessary amount and type of exercise needed for your complete health, and why too much exercise could be lowering your immunity overall. I introduce a powerful photographic collection of female athletes and what wellness means to them.

FOUR: Daily practices for mental & spiritual wellness

What is the real story behind inner peace and longevity, and how do we achieve it? I share tips on how to achieve emotional balance through daily meditation practices, the power of touch and other healing, stress-relieving practices.

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