Surf + Sand is a curated collection of handcrafted earth-friendly goods, inspired by the spirit and lifestyle of the coast. 

Explore what an elevated chic coastal style means for you all while supporting mission-aligned brands that demonstrate the best sustainability practices. 
coastal appreciation  

Our founder and owner, Lauren grew up in a small surf town in Southern California where she spent her days at the beach and in the ocean. Her heart’s passion for the spirit of coastal culture led her on a journey to open up Surf + Sand— a conscientious curation of sustainably made goods for personal style and home. After 16+ years of working for start-ups in the advertising, tech, and non-profit sectors, she decided to take the ultimate leap and followed her dream to start her own business. 

at the heart of it all

Lauren is on a heart-driven mission to connect you with independent makers whose creations enable us to do our part as a community in making the world a better, more beautiful place for ourselves and our children.

sustainably made goods for coastal living

Surf + Sand has gathered a collection of goods for your life, home, and body, all made by brands whose values align with our mission to make the world a better, more beautiful place. We believe in supporting coastal culture and want to connect people with independent creators and makers. 

 Our vibe is effortless and easy—just like an afternoon at the beach.


Want to hear the whole story? Lauren shares her top aha moments from her life’s journeys through entrepreneurship, sustainability, and motherhood here.

What about you? Come visit us in Mill Valley, CA, to experience the relaxing energy of our space dedicated to sustainable coastal living for body and home.