Marguerite Bracelet


Maris Pearl Co. 


Run a hand through a wave and note the saltwater drops that remain, each one the inspiration behind our Marguerite. We dreamed up our bracelet collection after a day spent in the sea, where we wished that we could find a way to wear the droplets that had gathered on our wrists.

  • 14k yellow gold fill

  • 4-5 mm pearls, hand-tied on silk in our studio

  • 7" with optional delicate 1" extension, please select

A beautiful side note: pearls love to be worn, gaining luster from the natural warmth and oils from your skin. We wear our pearls every day — that means in the ocean, too! Just make sure to to put them on after you've finished getting ready as perfume, hairspray and other beauty products can be abrasive.   

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