Black and White Braided Loop Necklace


Renata Rodrigues


  • 21 inches length- 4mm black and white macrame cotton cord

  • black stainless steel magnetic clasp

By the designer: 

Working towards my goal of re-invention, I have followed a path rife with ups and downs. However, I have found that one can always rewrite one’s story, regardless of age. Breaking free of one’s life is never easy, but I found courage facing the unknown when I left my beautiful home country of Brazil for California to be closer to my daughters and their families.

by R.Я. was formed when I decided to embrace my maternal last name.

I grew up as Renata Rodrigues and I wanted to return to what felt like the true me. The backwards “R” represents my journey with self-reflection. Re-discovering myself and beginning anew has brought meaning to my ever-changing story.

I hope my jewelry, a passion that I truly believe is healing, can accompany you on your own journeys - all with good energy, happiness, and lots of love.

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