Tyche Earring


Maris Pearl Co. 


Meet our Tyche ( ˈtaɪki/; Greek: Τύχη), named for the capricious Greek goddess of luck and destiny. 

Our Tyche earring features a trio of talismans to keep our muses in good fortune: an evil eye to ward off bad luck, a fish for wealth and prosperity, and a delicate Biwa pearl to carry the sea with you as you go. 

  • 15 mm elongated pearl (may vary slightly)

  • 14k yellow 15mm gold fill hoops

  • Gold plate fish and μάτι charms; please treasure with extra care

  • sold as a pair 

A magical note: pearls love to be worn, gaining luster from the natural warmth and oils from your skin. These earrings feature a gold plated charm, making them more delicate. Please avoid getting these earrings wet to preserve the plating, and put them on after you've finished getting ready as perfume, hairspray and other beauty products can be abrasive. 

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