Tumbler - Mazerine Dream


Rex Design


Mazerine Dream Tumbler is marbled dark blue and white porcelain. These porcelain tumblers are about 10 ounces and are perfect for any drink. Brighten your morning with a Mazerine Dream cup of coffee or enjoy a tasty cocktail at night in your new favorite cup!

The cup is made in slip casting technique. Each cup is then hand trimmed and glazed with a clear coat. Each cup is created individually, so every cup will have a unique marbling design as well as slight differences. Every cup is truly one of a kind! So please be note that the cup you get will be a little different from the one in the picture.

Dishwasher safe though hand washing is recommended.

Microwaves safe, hot cold and food safe

White and Mazerine (dark blue) porcelain

clear glaze on inside and outside

hold about 10 oz

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