"The Pernilla"- Tahitian Pearls and Gold Shells


Puka Perri


The Pernilla Tahitian and Keshi Pearl Strand with 5 18kt Poker Shells


From the designer: 

This necklace was a collaboration between my dear friend Pernilla and I. She loves shelling as much as I do and she found these 3 shells. We also both love gold so we molded the shells and cast them in 14kt and 18kt gold. The deep blue Tahitians mixed with the gold create a dreamy rocker mermaid piece.

  • 16” - sits at the high collar bones

  • 14kt hand cast shells

  • Keshi Tahitians in blue color

  • 10mm blue Tahitian round pearls

  • Signature puka shell clasp

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