Minimalist style candle holder knot - Rosa


Beautiful minimalist style candle holder in pastel colors. It has a very original shape of a knot, and some small notches inside it to make it easier to grip the candle safely! It is original and very striking, attracting the eyes of your visitors at home effortlessly and in an elegant but colorful way.

Pastel colours bring a sensation of delicacy, femininity and cleanliness to any room, and represent neutrality and softness. Add a modern and delicate touch to your dining table or elevate any bookcase in your home with these beautiful chandeliers. They will not go unnoticed!!

Made of Jesmonite AC100 (eco-friendly acrylic resin). Each piece is lovingly created, sanded and hand sealed. Due to the nature of its composition, the piece may have small bubbles and imperfections, something that makes it unique and adds character since there will never be two alike. For the same reason, the color may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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