Lemonade Berry - 30ML




Curated and blended with love, Lemonade Berry is native to coastal bluffs, inland foothills, and offshore islands of California, and offers a fresh citrus and tangy scent that dances with notes of yuzu, passion fruit, and lemon in this summery fragrance. Perfect to spritz after a dip in the ocean or after a beautiful coastal run.


Black Tea, Mate, Cassis, Yuzu, Passion Fruit, Pink Grapefruit, Helvetolide, Hedione, Lemon oil, Ethylene Brassylate

Clean Formulations (Paraben-, Sulfate-, & Cruelty-Free)
Small Batch
Unisex Scent
Handmade in California

Scent Inspiration:

Some of the key ingredients in Lemonade berry are Yuzu, lemon and grapefruit the trifecta of fresh and energizing scents for your body and mind. Lemon is uplifting, confidence-enhancing, and great for focus. In fact, research has shown that the scent helps students perform better on tests. Grapefruit and Yuzu stimulate the sympathetic nervous system which regulates your fight or flight response and creates a calm alertness.

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