HAPAI Prenatal body oil




10% of your purchase goes to   Maui Strong Fund to help support those impacted by the Maui fires. 

An opulent blend of botanical oils and herb extracts provides pregnant and nursing moms vital , rich nutrients for special skin needs. Soothe and deeply nourish delicate skin, with a light scent of uplifting Neroli , Yuzu and green Mandarin.

100 ml/3.8 fl oz.




Apply to damp skin after bathing, massaging in circular motions until absorbed.

May be used daily. Safe for pregnancy and breast feeding .

Store product away from light and heat.

Use within 6 months after opening.


Red Raspberry Leaf  I Rich in iron, this herb may help tone the uterus, increase milk production, decrease nausea, and ease labor pains.

Alfalfa I General pregnancy tonic; a source of high levels of vitamins A, D, B, and K, minerals and digestive enzymes; thought to reduce the risk of postpartum hemorrhage in late pregnancy.

Dandelion root I is traditionally used as a gentle digestive bitter to improve digestion, and relieve nausea and vomiting and improve appetite. 

Shea butter I Strengthens and smoothes the skin, Helps with cellulite and stretch marks. For itchy skin during pregnancy, especially the skin on the tummy area, the fatty acids in shea butter help to relieve the itchiness when massaged into the skin.

Neroli Essential oil I very powerful, yet light and uplifting floral aroma with an unusual fresh, sweet note.Neroli Essential Oil is a hydration powerhouse, with an incredible ability to soften, replenish and lock in moisture.



Ingredients: Sweet  Almond oil * , Avocado oil,* CHAMOMILE flower extract*, RASPBERRY LEAF extract*, ROSE  petal extract, DANDELION extract*, COMFREY leaf and root extract*, ALFALFA leaf extract, NETTLE leaf extract*, Virgin Coconut oil^, Shea butter^, Rice bran oil, Raspberry seed oil, Rosehips seed oil, Vitamin E, Mandarin peel oil, Yuzu peel oil, Neroli essential oil

*Certified organic ^Fair trade

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