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The Knotty Ones



From the brand:
Ethno traces the roots of our Baltic culture, with intricate tonal symbols traditionally used by our Pagan ancestors to keep you balanced and in harmony. Inspired by unique Baltic ethnographic patterns, it's perfectly oversized and promises to keep you twice as cozy. Fluffy, fuzzy and impossibly warm, Ethno's prolonged sleeves are the final cherry on top. Designed as part of our collaboration with our fav Lithuanian designer, Eglė Žiemytė.

100% Alpaca wool. Cruelty free, un-dyed. 

Dry clean. Store folded.

Just like this knit which uses non-dyed alpaca wool in natural alpaca shades . No chemical dyes. Sourced from social farms in Peru.

For this knit, we use limited edition, 100% natural yarn sourced from social farms in Peru, which has Peru Fair Trade Certification, with no micro-plastics and no harmful or irritant chemicals used. In fact, the yarn is spun from non-dyed alpaca wool and comes in natural alpaca shades. How cool is that? 

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