Daily Sun Adaptogens


Anoint Daily


Daily adaptogen supplement to help reduce stress and anxiety, boost mood, immunity, metabolism, energy levels; promote better sleep and digestion, clear brain fog, and increase stamina. Increase your overall optimal longevity.

30 daily servings. 3 oz.


Organically sourced Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, Astragalus, Chaga, Maca, and loving intention.


Mix a 1/2 teaspoon into your daily morning coffee, tea, smoothie, cup of hot water, or choice beverage.—Most optimally absorbed with a touch of fat added to your drink. — (A splash of your favorite milk is a great option!)— Take 1 heaping teaspoon if feeling extra depleted. 

G E T. A L L. O F. T H E. B I T S. at the bottom of the cup— pour in a touch of water— swirl, and imbibe! 


  • A S H W A G A N D H A ::: a root that supports the nervous and endocrine systems and promotes a natural sleep cycle. Aid for adrenal fatigue and hormone stabilizer. Reduces the effects of mental, emotional and physical stress. Increases vigor and strength and overall mind/body/spirit harmony.

  • E L E U T H E R O ::: a root that increases endurance and stamina; speeds recovery and prevents immune depletion from overworking; improves alertness and cognitive function when under severe stress and long work hours. Also acts as a nervine to improve the quality of sleep and prevent nighttime waking. Aid to adrenal fatigue.

  • C H A G A ::: a medicinal mushroom that fights inflammation; supports immunity and sustained energy with its rich source of B vitamins flavonoids, enzymes, minerals and phenols and contains some of the highest known concentrations of antioxidants of any food. Rich source of zinc, which is essential to cell growth, differentiation and survival— an essential nutrient most people are deficient in.

  • M A C A ::: a precious root native to the Quecha. This nourishing and powerful aphrodisiac and mood booster also helps to increase overall energy and endurance, and clear brain fog. Maca supports healthy sexual energy and libido, while increasing sex hormone secretion and adrenal gland stimulation. 


  • A S T R A G A L U S ::: one of our favorite adaptogens! This root lowers cortisol levels (stress hormone levels), and dynamically supports immunity, respiratory, and overall well being. (Studies have even shown astragalus to give antiviral protection against influenza virus, human respiratory syncytial virus, and SARS*. ) Strengthens the protective qi; benefits digestion, reduces allergies, rhinitis and inflammation. Its gentle upward action lightens the body and limbs and helps us feel more energetic, and less fatigued. It lifts the mind, improving focus and memory. Astragalus is also beautifying, antihypertensive, metabolic, anti-aging, and so much more. This herb offers us overall clarity, strength and protection.


***They are not an overnight phenomenon; after a 2-4 week consistent practice you will feel their effects, reap the benefits daily, and throughout the entirety of each day onwards. 

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