14kt Luxe Rolo Chain with Tahitian Drop Pearl


Puka Perri


14kt Tahitian Drop Pearl on 18kt 18'' rolo chain

This is my take on a gold chain with a drop pearl pendant. I love simplicity with just enough of that extra luxe detail to make it elevated and unique. I think this necklace embodies just that. Timeless. Wear it layered with your other gold chains to add an element from the sea or as a singular statement necklace. Your special pearl, no two the same.

Rolo chains are luxe by nature and this is a medium weight 2.3mm chain. The pendant is created with a simple yet bold 14kt gold ring.

As you can see in the photos, all pearls are different and have their own character and beauty.  Pearls are approximately 12-13mm in size.


About Puka Perri: 

Puka Perri is a luxe jewelry line that specializes in bringing together found treasures from the sea, shells and pearls, with earth elements like gold and diamonds. We create timeless pieces that blend the raw beauty of nature with luxurious refinement. As no pearl or puka shell is the exact same, every piece we handcraft is unique. All of our pukas are handpicked in Hawaii and each pearl is carefully selected for quality and beauty. Every piece is made to be worn and loved on the beach and beyond.

“As I have grown up, so have my designs.” We envisioned taking everything to the next level where the Jewelry would be precious enough to thrive in a salty and sweaty life and be passed on for future generations to enjoy.  We started using finer materials and the lost wax casting process to engineer a collection of signature gold beads, discs and molds. Customizable one-of-a-kind rings, bracelets, and pendants have become signature and in high demand. We also create small limited collections of carefully crafted pearl strands and earring options to match. 

It has been an honor to bring forth this body of work and to spread the puka love by way of fun and beautiful jewelry. Nothing makes me happier than seeing happy clients wearing their new pieces.

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